Golden Unicorn restaurant for King Crab, Maroubra


King Crab at the Golden Unicorn restaurant, Maroubra

Its a family celebration for my sister that brings us to the Golden Unicorn in Maroubra. They're also having a special on King Crab and for $250, you can get a King Crab cooked however you'd like (we opted for crab cooked in XO chili sauce) and a double lot of e-fun noodles. If the crab is full, then there's no need to order any other dishes.

King Crab at the Golden Unicorn restaurant, Maroubra

We go to the tank and pick out the crab that we want and there are two to choose from on that night. They put him on our table and he looks miserable. I almost have second thoughts as he looks terribly sad but the waiter whisks him away. After our complimentary house soup (clear pork and vegetable broth), our plate of crab arrives at our place but we are disappointed. The crab appears to be empty that night and what should feed 8 feeds only 4. Later there is much kvetching over how and when we should have had the crab, my parents believing that this time would have been better than that time but no definite conclusion is reached and its easy to say it all in hindsight. Perhaps the crab was trying to convey a message to us with his sad countenance "Don't eat me, I'm not ready!"

King Crab at the Golden Unicorn restaurant, Maroubra

Golden Unicorn Chinese Restaurant

Level 2, 193 Maroubra Rd

Maroubra NSW 2035

Phone (02) 9344 9278

Open seven days for lunch, Mon to Fri 11am - 3pm Sat to Sun 10am - 3pm, and dinner, 5pm-11pm

Payment accepted: MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, American Express and EFTPOS

Alcohol BYO

Seats Seats 200

Wheelchair access