Vegetable sculptures!

As an avid vegetable lover (specifically a lacto vegetarian) I was not surprised when Tuulikki sent me some pictures of vegetables (ok I was mildly surprised when I saw the subject header). But when I saw how fabulous these vegetable sculptures were I just knew that I couldn't resist posting about them. How cute are they? I have no idea who created these but all I can say is a very big bravo!

Bok Choy fish

Capsicum frogs

Sweet potato hamster

Pear dog with pumpkin umbrella

Orange winking

Green Papaya pig

Eggplant penguins

Banana dog

Banana Octopus

Endive duck

Liza and David
I like to call this the Liza (Minelli) and David (Gest)

Three wise kiwifruit

Strawberry kissing

Radishes on bus

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