Satay Delight at UNSW Kensington

Satay Delight

Have you ever known one of those permanent University students? One that drifts from course to course collecting degrees and PhD's like trophies. I know some but I could never be one. I was always itching to get out and ready to do the job rather than theorise about it. I can understand the appeal of the safety of a university but to me, studying for exams is something nightmares are made out of. As soon as I got my degree, I was gone in a flash.

Satay Delight

University food is pretty dismal at the best of times - as I was a vegetarian at the time I seem to recall melted cheese on everything, but if you're a student at UNSW there is one place where you can find solace, in a spicy bowl of Laksa, noodle soup or Beef Rendang. I am such a fan of their Beef Rendang that I compare it against all other and inevitably others fail.

Satay Delight

It's 11.45am and there is already a queue which comes in waves, sometimes it is empty, other times it stretches beyond the shopfront. They're either queuing for bain marie'd dishes or at the noodle station for some noodle soup or Laksa. The Laksa is always a good bet here and today is the Penang Laksa so we order this.

Satay Delight

We also order a chicken green curry and some soy sauce chicken and a satay stick.[


Satay Delight Penang Laksa

The laksa is housed in a plastic bowl and is full of deliciously puffy tofu squares (not the dry horrible ones one oftens gets), chicken and home made char siu slices and two types of noodles, vermicelli and hokkien. The broth is spicy and creamy, less creamy than Alice's but spicier.

Satay Delight Green curry

The thai green chicken curry is good with a generous serving of chicken on the plate. The chicken is tender, the sauce not as thick as some but still flavoursome.

Satay Delight

The soy sauce chicken, still on the bone is delicious. I think being on the bone imparts extra flavour to chicken as well as other meats and I find this sauce sweet but not too sticky sweet.

Satay Delight Chicken Satay

The satay stick is hefty, heavy with meat and a gorgeously rich satay sauce. You definitely get your money's worth with this baby.

Satay Delight Beef Rendang

As for the beef rendang, it is heady with a myriad of spices and coconut with soft and tender fall apart beef. Bliss!

Satay Delight

Near Matthew Arcade Upper Campus

University of New South Wales

Anzac Parade, Kensington

Tel: +61 (02) 9663 3604

Satay Delight Noodle station

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