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Once Upon a Time, Gina and I had driven past Love Grub and its colourful mural exterior jumped out at us. Then afterwards, Teena mentioned that she saw that Love Grub was teeming with people when she had driven past it on our way to lunch with us. So when Queen Viv and I were in need of nourishment one day mid shopping we decided to stop here for lunch. It was a stellar Autumn day - the sun was shining through the trees and the warmth meant that you didn't quite need that coat. Outside, below the mural is a well maintained and fairly abundant community garden plot as well as oodles of kid's amusements.

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We walk inside and are greeted warmly. It's so warm that at first I think that the "Hi there" spoken to us is for someone else. We take a seat at the bright orange vinyl padded chairs and table and take a look around. It's a touch garage/vintage sale meets Japan by way of menu and befits the neighbourhood and we get the feeling that it's popular among locals. The menu is filled with sushi borne from the chef's 9 years living in Japan and also features cafe style burgers, sandwiches and salads with a slight twist. We spy a willowy blonde behind us eating a crunchy cabbage salad and wanting a salad, Queen Viv and I share one along with some sushi.

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Soy Chai $5

love grub, alexandria, review, juice
Blood Orange Juice $4

Queen Viv orders a chai but finds it too milky for her but milky is just how I like my chai tea. I choose a Parker's Blood Orange Juice which is tart and refreshing and quite thick with pulp (which I prefer).

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Bacon and Egg Hand Roll $5

Although this sounds strange in theory, it's said to be one of their most popular breakfast items. The hand roll has a rasher of bacon, egg and tomato sauce. Yes I realise many people may be appalled by the idea but I don't mind it at all. I used to eat eggs and tomato sauce when I wa a child (I think  it's a Chinese thing) and I enjoy this.

love grub, alexandria, review, salad
Crunchy Asian Salad with Salmon $13.50

With this salad, you can choose your protein from either salmon, chicken or tofu. The salmon is not particularly plentiful and it's mostly on one side but the salad is rather huge, and made up of finely shredded cabbage, celery, daikon (Japanese radish), carrot and egg omelette and is healthy and filling with a light Japanese style dressing.

love grub, alexandria, review, egg roll
Egg sushi$9.50

The egg sushi with mushroom, capsicum, avocado, cucumber and mayonnaise is rather good we have to say. It comes in 8 large pieces and just about the right amount of rice to filling.

Fortified with a bacon and egg sushi (I never thought I'd ever say that) and other goodies we go forth to shop! For what you may ask? For more food of course!

So tell me Dear Reader, what is your favourite lunch item? A sandwich? Sushi? Soup? Or something else altogether?

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Love Grub

38 Mitchell Road, Alexandria, NSW

Tel: +61 (02) 9318 2323

Open 7 days from 7am-3pm

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