Top 5 Lamb Recipes

Top 5 Lamb Recipes

It's spring and time for some lamb! These 5 lamb dishes are a mix of flavours and cuts of lamb. There's a Vietnamese style lamb shoulder, a rich lamb shank curry with turmeric rice, sticky lamb ribs, an Indian inspired leg of lamb and tiny lamb pies using leftover lamb from any of these recipes!

1 - Vietnamese Style Sticky Mint & Lime Lamb Shoulder

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Top 5 Lamb Recipes

I was inspired to create this lamb shoulder by a fresh Vietnamese chicken salad. The lamb shoulder is flavoured with lime, fish sauce, chilli and garlic. Lime gives the rich lamb a freshness and also tenderises the meat!

2 - Lil' Lamb & Mint Sauce Pies

Top 5 Lamb Recipes

This is really a concept to use with any leftover lamb. I paired some leftover lamb with sweet mint sauce and buttery pastry. It's worth keeping some lamb aside to make these delicious lil' pies!

3 - Lamb Shank Curry With Turmeric Rice

Top 5 Lamb Recipes

One of my favourite curries involves lamb shanks. This creamy curry cooks the lamb shanks down to meltingly tender and is paired with a turmeric rice!

4 - Sticky Lamb Ribs

Top 5 Lamb Recipes

In this recipe, delicious lamb ribs are smothered in an aromatic spice rub made up of sumac, Turkish red pepper seasoning, cumin, garlic and salt and slow baked in a low oven for two hours. Then they are glazed with a tangy, sweet tamarind and brown sugar glaze!

5 - The Great Lamb Raan Roast Leg of Lamb

Top 5 Lamb Recipes

I first tried this lamb raan roast leg of lamb at Indu, an Indian/Sri Lankan restaurant. The meat was beautifully spiced and buttery soft and it lifted off the bone easily. And chef Bimal Kumar was kind enough to give me the recipe for their Great Lamb Raan Roast!

So tell me Dear Reader, do you like lamb? Is there a dish that stands out for you?

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