Top 5 Halloween Cakes!


Top 5 Halloween Cakes

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1 - Black Velvet Cake

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Top 5 Halloween Cakes

The first cake is actually not necessarily a Halloween cake but it suits an elegant, low key Halloween soiree if that's your sort of thing. Meet Arianna, a four layer, soft, rich black velvet cake interleaved with the silkiest black chocolate buttercream!

2 - "Carrie" Cake

Top 5 Halloween Cakes

One of the scariest movies I saw as a child was Carrie, the teenage girl with telekenesis who exacted revenge on the schoolkids that teased her mercilessly. I'm sure you've all seen the movie that culminates in a bloody scene at the prom. So I figured why not do a Halloween version of a Dolly Varden cake? Creepy yes!!

3 - Creepy Halloween Wedding Cake

Top 5 Halloween Cakes

I had dreams of making a creepy Halloween wedding cake in case any readers out there were getting married on Halloween and wanted to celebrate the day itself. This is a delicious Killer Vanilla three tier cake complete with skulls, gravestone and a mausoleum like marble finish!

4 - Armadillo Roadkill Cake

Top 5 Halloween Cakes

Part of the reason why I love Halloween so much is that it is a holiday with a sense of dark humour. And this armadillo roadkill cake came straight out of Steel Magnolias. It's a rich red velvet cake covered in fondant and is cute but gruesome! Kind of like I would like to be described ;)

5 - Hogwarts Gingerbread Cake

Top 5 Halloween Cakes

I don't consider myself a masochist at all but sometimes I do things that make me question this. Like this Hogwarts cake made out of gingerbread. It took so long to make and the weather in Sydney during Halloween is just not conducive to biscuit or cookie making and structural integrity but the heart wants what the brain usually says no to!

So tell me Dear Reader, which Halloween cake suits your personality?