Top 5 Pancake Recipes!

Top 5 Pancake Recipes

It's Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day coming up in a few days and it's a great excuse to eat some pancakes. Or you can make these for your loved one this Valentine's Day morning! There are all sorts of pancakes from fancy looking pancakes, soufflé pancakes, savoury pancakes, turtle shaped pancakes to even pancake soup!

1 - Matcha Pancakes with Hot Chocolate Ganache and Strawberries

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Top 5 Pancake Recipes

One Valentine's Day I served up these gorgeous pancakes with a hot chocolate ganache and chocolate dipped strawberries. These are lush, decadent and eye catching and for when you want to impress someone (spoiler: they're not hard at all!).

2 - Turtle Pancakes

Top 5 Pancake Recipes

Okay these turtle pancakes are seriously cute and if you've never gotten into pancake art then you'll be surprised at how easy it is to create a cute pattern using a batch of pancake mix and a squeezy bottle! I can see why people become addicted to making them for their kids!

3 - Souffle Pancakes

Top 5 Pancake Recipes

Soufflé pancakes are one of the most deliciously light pancakes you will eat and have a bit of a cult following. Here you don't even have to queue up to try them. Try these soufflé pancakes made at home!

4 - Okonomiyaki Pancake

Top 5 Pancake Recipes

Not all pancakes are sweet. Take these Japanese okonomiyaki pancakes. Laden with delicious prawns, chicken and cabbage drizzled with sauce, mayonnaise and pickled ginger they're a delicious dinner pancake!

5 - Pancake Soup

Top 5 Pancake Recipes

Pancake...soup? Yes! Pancake Soup (or "Frittaten Suppe") is an Austrian dish made from leftover pancakes from dessert the night before. Austrian pancakes are thinner than American pancakes; they're more like an ever so slightly thicker crepe. Serve them with a clear broth and they are absolutely delicious way to serve up leftovers!

So tell me Dear Reader, are you making pancakes this weekend or on pancake day?

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