Top 5 Vegetarian Curry Recipes!

Top 5 Vegetarian Curries

The humble curry is really one of the most perfect dishes. Curries improve with age, are easy to make and are full of spices and goodness and flavour! Here are the top 5 vegetarian curry recipes!

1 - Palak Paneer Curry (With Halloumi)

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Top 5 Vegetarian Curries

Ok hands down this is really one of my favourite curries. I love palak paneer but I used halloumi which has a bit more flavour to it (but of course use paneer if you want). It's bright green with spinach and goodness and you'll never wonder where the meat is with this curry!

2- Beetroot Curry

Top 5 Vegetarian Curries

When I went to Sri Lanka a few years ago, one of my favourite curries was this beetroot curry. My favourite was at the Camellia Hills hotel and they kindly passed on their recipe to me. Forget all memories of tinned beetroot slices, this curry will change your mind about beetroot!

3 - Vegan Red Curry Dumplings

Top 5 Vegetarian Curries

These pumpkin and red curry dumplings are just bursting with flavour and are yet so simple and vegan! They have a spiced pumpkin filling with a simple red curry coconut curry sauce.

4 - Chickpea, Spinach & Red Lentil Curry

Top 5 Vegetarian Curries

Cooler weather calls for comfort food and this curry is just that. This vegetarian curry has a simple base of chickpeas, spinach and red lentils but these combine to give the curry a wonderfully rich texture. Best of all it can be done in a pressure cooker, slow cooker or on the stovetop!

5 - Pineapple Curry

Top 5 Vegetarian Curries

I first tried this pineapple curry at an Asylum Seeker's Resource Centre dinner where the clients cooked for us volunteers and I was immediately blown away by it. Pineapple in a curry as the main ingredient may sound a bit unusual but once you try it, it makes perfect sense (and there's no ham and pineapple pizza vibes I promise!).

So tell me Dear Reader, are you a fan of curry? Have you made any of these?

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