Top 5 Seafood Curry Recipes!

Top 5 Seafood Curry Recipes

Love curries but want a lighter option? These seafood curries deliver in both flavour and spice. There's a turmeric fish curry, a rich seafood medley curry, a crab and lime coconut curry, a Malabar prawn curry or a light Kerala fish curry!

1 - Turmeric Fish Curry

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Top 5 Seafood Curry Recipes

People often struggle with ideas to cook fish but this turmeric fish curry with coconut is really one of the tastiest and healthiest ways to eat fish! It's also one of the easiest curries that you can make and you can use whatever fish you like!

2 - Fish D'Vine Seafood Curry

Top 5 Seafood Curry Recipes

Once upon a time, many years ago, when we were allowed to travel easily between states, I visited a restaurant in the Whitsundays called Fish D'Vine and ate the most delicious seafood curry. To my surprise and delight the owner Kev gave me the recipe to share and here it is!

3 - Crab & Lime Coconut Curry

Top 5 Seafood Curry Recipes

If I do one thing in this post, it's to make sure that you have one great curry powder in your pantry. And this recipe tells you my favourite curry powder and the best way to use it in this crab and lime coconut curry!

4 - Malabar Prawn Curry

Top 5 Seafood Curry Recipes

This Malabar prawn curry is a delightfully creamy curry with a mild spice and tangy flavour. There's no need for pastes and all you need is 30 minutes to make this!

5 - Kerala Fish Curry

Top 5 Seafood Curry Recipes

Have you tried the famous Kerala Fish Curry? There are many versions but this version is light without nuts or cream. This version is also sweetened with mango puree that balances the heat nicely!

So tell me Dear Reader, what is your favourite seafood? Do you have a favourite seafood curry?

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