Top 5 Great Grape Recipes!

Top 5 Grape Recipes

Grapes are in season now and apart from eating grapes fresh did you know that you can use them in so many ways? From jamming to roasting, drying and in bread and cake grapes are so versatile so give these recipes a try!

1 - Spiced Grape Jam

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Top 5 Grape Recipes

Grape jam? I don't know why we don't see it more often because it is absolutely delicious and a great way to use up a large quantity of grapes. This is wonderful as a sauce for ice cream or on toast. I hope you'll try this intriguing jam, even a small batch!

2 - Grape Harvest Cake

Top 5 Grape Recipes

One of the most delicious and popular recipes is this grape harvest cake by Dear Reader and chef Lauren Carmichael. You can use any sort of seedless grapes although dark grapes look particularly fetching in this cake. It makes a simple but a delicious afternoon tea!

3 - Pan Fried Feta and Roasted Grapes

Top 5 Grape Recipes

Dear Reader have you ever tried roasted grapes? Try this pan fried feta with roasted grapes. Grapes are roasted in balsamic vinegar until soft and then served with pan fried feta and bread. The sweetness of the grapes offsets the saltiness of the feta!

4 - Dried Muscatels at Home

Top 5 Grape Recipes

Have black muscat grapes? Make some dried muscatels! These delicious dried grapes can be a bit expensive to buy and hard to find. But make these in the oven and you'll have a ready supply for cheese platters and to snack on!

5 - Schiacciata Sweet Flatbread With Grapes & Rosemary

Top 5 Grape Recipes

Schiaccata is an Tuscan olive oil flatbread that translates to meaning "squashed" or "crushed" and can be either sweet or savoury. I made this slightly sweet with the addition of grapes. It's wonderful fresh but also delicious toasted the next day!

So tell me Dear Reader, do you ever cook with grapes? How do you like to cook them?

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