Top 5 Recipes Using Basil!

Top 5 basil recipes

Is your basil running wild? Try these 5 recipes that you can use up basil in the most creative ways. From a basil drink, to brunch tartine ideas to a chicken tray bake, delicious dip or chicken pesto pasta you'll find some delicious ways to use up basil!

1 - Caprese Chicken Tray Bake

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Top 5 basil recipes

Caprese salad is all about summer with tomatoes and basil and this caprese chicken tray bake uses all of those summery flavours and combines them with a delicious chicken tray bake that is so easy but so delicious!

2 - Peanut butter, Strawberry & Basil Toast

Top 5 basil recipes

Top o' the morning to you! Strawberries and basil are a great combination and peanut butter and strawberries is too (or you can use Nutella!). This tasty breakfast tartine idea is finished off with some chiffonaded basil on top!

3 - Raspberry & Basil Drinking Vinegar

Top 5 basil recipes

Have you ever tried drinking vinegar? If you're a fan of kombucha then you'll love this much easier version. All you do is steep basil leaves (or fruit) in some vinegar and add a little sugar to taste!

4 - Pesto Chicken Pasta

Top 5 basil recipes

This is one of my favourite ways to use up a lot of basil. While pesto is traditionally made with pine nuts this version is made with cashews and it is so rich and delicious. It is served with pasta and chicken to create one of the most delicious meals you can dish up!

5 - Triple Threat Dip

Top 5 basil recipes

I'll leave you with one of my favourite dips ever. It's actually three dips in one: creamy hummus, basil pesto and sun dried tomato chilli pesto. All home-made and all served together in a moreish triple dip!

So tell me Dear Reader, what do you make when you have a big bunch of basil?

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