Top 5 Anzac Biscuit Recipes!


Top 5 Anzac Biscuit Recipes

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1 - Chewy and Crunchy ANZAC Biscuits

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Top 5 Anzac Biscuit Recipes

Ok we're starting with the classic ANZAC biscuit. But you know some people either love them chewy and some people love them crunchy. I've got both of you covered! I've read how much you guys love this recipe and how you think they're the best Anzac biscuits ever!

2 - ANZAC Biscuit Granola

Top 5 Anzac Biscuit Recipes

I love the flavour of ANZAC biscuits with coconut, oats and golden syrup and it really lends itself to making a breakfast friendly granola! This recipe is simple and also low fat for a wholesome start to your day!

3 - ANZAC Pear & Ginger Loaf

Top 5 Anzac Biscuit Recipes

This ANZAC Biscuit loaf is all the flavours of ANZAC Biscuits with quartered pears and diced crystallised ginger all in a simple-to-bake loaf!

4 - Chocolate & Macadamia ANZAC Biscuits

Top 5 Anzac Biscuit Recipes

These chocolate and macadamia ANZAC Biscuits are crisp and thin and slightly chewy and the macadamia gave them an amazing flavour and crunch. The chocolate dip is optional, some love it while others prefer them plain!

5 - ANZAC Biscuit Slice

Top 5 Anzac Biscuit Recipes

This ANZAC Biscuit slice combined all of the flavours of ANZAC biscuits but in an easy to share slice form! Perfect for groups of friends or family :)

So tell me Dear Reader, are you making some ANZAC biscuits this year?