Top 5 Father's Day Sandwiches

Top 5 Father's Day Sandwiches

Who doesn't love a sandwich? And for Father's Day make your dad or special person a special sandwich for lunch and show them how much you love them through food! Try a classic Cuban sandwich, recreate the famous Costco Chicken Bake, wow them with a stromboli pizza roll, make them a luscious pork rib sandwich with slaw or serve them up some meatball subs!

1 - Cuban Sandwich

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Top 5 Father's Day Sandwiches

I'm starting with the big daddy of sandwiches. The Cuban sandwich which is made with soft, mouth-watering Cuban mojo roasted pork, Swiss cheese, mustard, pickles and ham on home made bread! It's the sandwich that stole the show in the movie Chef!

2 - Costco Chicken Bake

Top 5 Father's Day Sandwiches

NGL I am low key obsessed with Costco's chicken bakes. They're a delicious mix of tender chicken pieces, bacon and creamy sauce encased in a pizza dough. I get so sad when I visit and they're out of stock so I decided to make my own copycat of the Costco chicken bake!

3 - Pork Rib Sandwich

Top 5 Father's Day Sandwiches

This sandwich will make anyone's day. It features slow cooked, boneless, tender, saucy pork ribs, a kimchi spicy coleslaw and salad! LUSH!

4 - Meatball Subs

Top 5 Father's Day Sandwiches

I mean who doesn't love a meatball sub? I've got two types of meatballs in this sub recipe. There are chicken, lemongrass and chilli meatballs or pork and kaffir lime leaf meatballs. Perfect to feed a crowd and so easy to make too!

5 - Stromboli

Top 5 Father's Day Sandwiches

Ending on a high've got to try Stromboli at least once in your life. Stromboli is an Italian American rolled up version of pizza with three types of cheese and two types of salami and triple smoked ham! It has the perfect recipe of dough to filling and just look at it!

So tell me Dear Reader, which sandwich would you like the eat the most?

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