Top 5 Easy Apple Cakes

Top 5 Easy Apple Cakes

Who still has plenty of apples in their fruit bowl? This post is for you! These 5 apple cakes are so easy that the only thing you need to do is figure out what to do with the rest of your time, There's the easiest apple cake ever, an apple cheesecake bread, a chocolate apple cake, an apple honey cake and a kitchen garden cake!

1 - Easy Apple Cake

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Top 5 Easy Apple Cakes

This is the cake that I whip up if I only have a few minutes to make a cake and want to make something delicious, wholesome and impressive. It's like a delicious buttery cookie-cake!

2 - Apple Cheesecake Bread

Top 5 Easy Apple Cakes

Apple bread is like banana bread but it has a little surprise inside-a hidden, delicious layer of cheesecake in the centre! It has plenty of goodness from oats, apples and carrots and aromatic spices.

3 - Chocolate Apple Cake (Gluten Free)

Top 5 Easy Apple Cakes

For some reason I have a lot of gluten free apple cakes on my blog (not that I'm a coeliac or really eat a lot of apples for that matter) but this cake is a combination of chocolate and apples and do you know? It's wonderful!

4 - Apple Honey Cake (Gluten Free)

Top 5 Easy Apple Cakes

I know I only put this recipe up on Monday but I've had so many of you message me about how much you liked it. Best of all it's gluten free, easy and only requires a few ingredients!

5 - Kitchen Garden Cake

Top 5 Easy Apple Cakes

This kitchen garden cake isn't strictly an apple cake-there's parsnip, potato and carrot in there but it is so easy to make and delicious with lightness from ricotta!

So tell me Dear Reader, which cake do you like the sound of the most? Have you made any of these cakes?

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