Top 5 Apple Recipes!

Top 5 Apple Recipes

If you love cooking with apples then try these 5 amazing apple recipes! There's are the show stopping apple flower tarts, Italian and French apple cakes, Korean apple filled pancakes and of course a classic apple pie!

1 - Apple Flower Tarts

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Top 5 Apple Recipes

The top apple recipe is for these amazing apple flower tarts. While they look complicated, thanks to an easy method of making them, they're a cinch and they always work just like magic. All you really need are apples, jam and puff pastry!

2 - Sicilian Apple Cake

Top 5 Apple Recipes

This Sicilian apple cake recipe is one of those recipes you should have up your sleeve. It uses up a kilo or 2.2lbs. worth of apples and is a little bit strudel, a little bit cake but a lot of yum. If that doesn't convince you there are also rum soaked raisins, toasted walnuts, pine nuts and a final blanket of icing sugar and rum!

3- Normandy Apple Cake

Top 5 Apple Recipes

This French or Normandy apple cake is slightly crazy. It tastes beautifully buttery but contains no butter. It's basically lots of apples held together with a soft, light, vanilla scented cake!

4- Korean Hotteok Pancakes

Top 5 Apple Recipes

Hotteok is usually a Korean street food. It's a puffy yeasted pancake donut stuffed with cinnamon scented apples and a drizzle of salted caramel sauce and they're one of the most deliciously delightful things ever. You must try these at least once in your life!

5 - Classic Apple Pie

Top 5 Apple Recipes

Nothing beats a classic apple pie but how about some apple caramel sauce to serve with it? This beautifully stacked apple pie recipe has all the tips on how to turn out a perfect classic apple pie!

So tell me Dear Reader, do you have a favourite way to eat apples? Which recipe do you like the look of? Have you made any of these?

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