Hong Kong Cake Shop at Chatswood


Hong Kong Cake Shop at Chatswood Corrugated loaf

Hong Kong Cake Shop at Chatswood Corrugated loaf

I'm babbling of course. I recovered from my embarrassment and bought some goodies. Armed with a tray and tongs, the first thing to catch me eye was a Corrugated loaf ($2)-it was a good 15cms long and indeed corrugated in shape and flexible. It smells sweet and buttery and is interspersed with sultanas. My husband likes this bread sliced, with jam for breakfast.

Hong Kong Cake Shop at Chatswood Lotus bun

The next thing I purchased was a lotus seed cake with preserved vegetable $1.80. I adore Lotus seed, it's my version of chocolate flavour. If I see something lotus seed flavoured, I'll order it above all other flavours. The pastry is fairly layered and the lotus seed paste thick. What I hadn't counted on was the preserved vegetable. It had a strong aroma and a firm texture and if I could pinpoint an aroma it would be spicy ginger.

Hong Kong Cake Shop at Chatswood Chestnut cake

Another flavour that I particularly like is Chestnut (don't leave me alone with a can of chestnut puree) and at $1.40 for the cake, it's a steal. It's a plain but soft vanilla sponge with a thin smearing of that Chinese mock cream that Chinese bakeries often have and then a squiggle of chestnut puree on top of mock cream at the top.

Hong Kong Cake Shop at Chatswood Redbean jelly

The last item was a red bean jelly ($1.10). They dislodged it from the bowl with a skewer for me to take away. She mentioned that there was rice in it so I thought that there would be sticky rice but it appears that it's either rice flour in the jelly or something else entirely that I can't see or taste or something was lost in the translation. In any case, it's not the most flavoursome of jellies and I give to my husband, a jelly loving fanatic who gobbles it down.

The prices are typical of Chinese bakeries, amazingly good. Just don't help yourself to the toothpicked balls on the counter!

Hong Kong Cake Shop

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