Top 5 Mug Cakes, Pizza & Quiche


Top 5 Mug Cakes

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5 easy mug recipes

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1 - Chocolate Mug Cake  

Top 5 Mug Cakes

The first recipe is the classic chocolate mug cake that sparked my love for mug cakes. It's the perfect amount of chocolatey goodness and goes to show that there is such thing as quick satisfaction.

2 - Orange and Almond Mug Cake (Gluten Gree)

Top 5 Mug Cakes

Looking for a mug cake that is gluten free? Try this moist, flourless orange and almond mug cake. It's a single serve gluten free riff on the famous orange almond cake that is so moist you'd swear it was drenched in syrup but it's not.

3 - Mug Cheesecake

Top 5 Mug Cakes

Full disclosure: this is one of my favourite mug recipes because sometimes I get a fierce cheesecake craving but making a cheesecake takes quite a bit of time. This cake is best cooked and then chilled but is still satisfying warm too.

4 - Mug Quiche

Top 5 Mug Cakes

Sure there are mug cakes but did you know that you can make a great savoury quiche in a mug? It's so easy and makes for a quick, tasty WFH lunch.

5 - Mug Pizza

Hey sometimes only pizza will do. This is a fun recipe made using those twiggy sticks to make an adorable mini mug pizza!

Top 5 Mug Cakes

So tell me Dear Reader, have you ever tried a 5 minute mug recipe? Which one do you like the sound of the best?