Top 5 Flourless Cakes {Gluten Free}

Top 5 Flourless Cakes Gluten Free

Looking for a delicious gluten free and flourless cake? These 5 cakes are perfect for a celebration where you may have gluten free eaters but you don't want to compromise on taste. From a rich chocolate and olive oil cake, dainty orange friands, a French walnut cake, a Chocolate and Sour Cherry Pomegranate cake to my favourite Fig Love Cake, there's a cake for every taste and occasion!

1- Chocolate Pomegranate & Sour Cherry Cake

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Top 5 Flourless Cakes Gluten Free

This Slovakian chocolate cake recipe was originally for Passover but really, it suits any time of the year. Egg whites give this a wonderful light quality and it is topped with sour cherries and pomegranate arils to balance this gorgeous cake's sweetness.

2- French Perigordine Walnut Cake

Top 5 Flourless Cakes Gluten Free

The French walnut cake is super light cake that is low on effort but unique and gorgeous in taste. With a toffee topping and a light as air cake it is a study in textures!

3- Blood Orange Friands

Top 5 Flourless Cakes Gluten Free

Even if it isn't blood orange season you can make these adorable little friands with oranges. These are made with ground almonds and coconut for a dainty, sweet treat.

4- Fig Love Cake

Top 5 Flourless Cakes Gluten Free

This is one of my favourite ever cakes, not just for the taste but for the look too. It is a flourless orange and hazelnut cake with gorgonzola dolce frosting, dripping honey and fresh figs. It is delicious but proves easy to decorate too with fresh flowers and fruit!

5- Chocolate & Olive Oil Cake

Top 5 Flourless Cakes Gluten Free

Not only is this chocolate cake flourless and gluten free but it also happens to only require a few ingredients! It also happens to be gorgeously fudgey and delicious. Use a good quality olive oil to let the flavour shine through.

So tell me Dear Reader, which cake do you like best?

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