Top 5 Chicken Tray Bakes!


Top 5 Baked Chicken Recipes

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1- Lime & Chilli Butter Roast Chicken

Top 5 Baked Chicken Recipes

This dish really got me started with my love for chicken tray bakes. It was made using ingredients that I had so there was no special shopping required and it transforms chicken into something so delicious!

2 - Healthy Apricot Chicken

Top 5 Baked Chicken Recipes

So I mentioned 10 minutes prep. How about 5-8 minutes prep? This apricot chicken is one of those retro but absolutely delicious dishes that you can make easily that will please everyone! It's so popular I often make double!

3 - Baked Chicken Curry

Top 5 Baked Chicken Recipes

Is it a curry? Is it a tray bake? It's both! This yellow chicken curry is a complete meal as it is made with sweet potato but feel free to sub with potatoes or other root vegetables. It goes perfectly with rice or noodles!

4 - Piri Piri Chicken

Top 5 Baked Chicken Recipes

We all love Piri Piri chicken but did you know that it's super easy to make Piri Piri sauce and that you probably have the ingredients already? It's just a matter of blending it all up together and coating chicken in it! Forget getting takeaway when Piri Piri chicken is this easy.

5 - Mexican Oregano Chicken Bake

Top 5 Baked Chicken Recipes

This chicken tray bake also has 10 minutes prep and goes from the stovetop to the oven (the oven part is just to crisp it up). It's adapted from an Oaxacan cookbook and is one of those "ugly but delicious" recipes that gets rave reviews!

So tell me Dear Reader, how often do you make a chicken tray bake?