Top 5 Lasagna Recipes!

Top 5 Lasagna Recipes

It's time for some lasagna loving and these 5 lasagnas will feed our heart, soul and tummy. Nothing satisfies like a big tray of lasagne and here are 5 very different types from super easy lasagna, a bacon flavoured lasagna, ravioli lasagne, lasagna alla vodka to the absolute best lasagne you will ever make!


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Top 5 Lasagna Recipes

Let's start with the BEST lasagna ever. Seriously, the feedback on this lasagne has been SO amazing and there's a reason why. Every layer of this lasagna is full of flavour to the home made mince seasoned with spices to the creamy creamy bechamel and tomato sauce. I hope you'll try making this at least once (although I suspect it won't be the only time).

2 - Lasagna Alla Vodka

Top 5 Lasagna Recipes

So lasagne but alla vodka style? Cream and vodka add a delicious spiciness to a tomato based sauce and if this isn't heaven, I don't know what is.

3 - Bacon Lasagna

Top 5 Lasagna Recipes

This is an oldie but such a goodie. This bacon lasagne recipe took me half a dozen attempts to perfect but it was all worth it! It's smokey and bacon-y. If you love bacon jam you'll swoon over this baby!

4 - Ravioli Lasagne

Top 5 Lasagna Recipes

This ravioli lasagne is actually the easiest lasagna ever because you don't have to make the mince, it's already WITHIN the ravioli! You can use frozen ravioli too (and no need to thaw). This is a serious crowd pleasing lasagna!

5 - Vegetarian Spinach & Cheese Lasagna

Top 5 Lasagna Recipes

This lasagna is all about eating your greens in the tastiest, most comforting way. This uses up 1.2 kilos or 2.2lbs of spinach with a classic spinach and ricotta filling!

So tell me Dear Reader, have you made any of these lasagnas? Which one do you like the sound of best?

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