Top 5 Hot Cross Bun Inspired Recipes

Hot Cross Bun Inspired Recipes

It's almost Easter time and I've got some recipes inspired by hot cross buns. Start with a colossal Hot Cross Bun Scroll featuring port-soaked raisins and custard. Indulge in the Easter Zuccotto, a make-ahead masterpiece with brioche hot cross buns, Nutella and chocolate chip mousse. If shaping isn't your style try the easy-to-bake Hot Cross Bun Loaf. For a spiced twist, Hot Cross Blondies capture the essence of the buns while Bacon and Cheese Hot Cross Buns are for any fellow savoury lovers (like me!).

1 - Giant Hot Cross Bun Scroll

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Hot Cross Bun Inspired Recipes

How about a colossal hot cross bun scroll complete with the iconic cross? Packed with port-soaked raisins and a luscious custard layer this oversized hot cross bun scroll is surprisingly easy to make! Consider this a must-try if you're a Hot Cross Buns enthusiast.

2 - Easter Zuccotto

Hot Cross Bun Inspired Recipes

Here's the dessert for you if you crave a stunning outcome with minimal effort. The Easter Zuccotto features layers of brioche hot cross buns generously filled with Nutella and chocolate chip mousse and crowned with a luscious chocolate frosting. Plus it's an ideal make-ahead treat!

3 - Hot Cross Bun Loaf

Hot Cross Bun Inspired Recipes

With so many of you trying my soft bakery-style hot cross buns, I decided to create a recipe for those who prefer not to shape them. Allow me to introduce the incredible hot cross bun bread loaf!

4 - Hot Cross Blondies

Hot Cross Bun Inspired Recipes

These Hot Cross Blondies are a perfect treat for Easter or any occasion. If you're a fan of fudgy, scrumptious blondies with the comforting flavors of hot cross buns or pumpkin spice these are for you. Infused with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves and studded with rum-soaked sultanas and white chocolate chips these blondies are topped with a white chocolate cross. They capture the exact essence of hot cross buns.

5 - Bacon and Cheese Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Bun Inspired Recipes

Think beyond the sweet tradition of Hot Cross Buns this Easter—introducing Bacon and Cheese Hot Cross Buns! These soft, bakery-style buns cater to savoury eaters and feature the classic cross on top and are generously filled with delectable bacon and cheese. For an extra Easter treat fill them with a fried egg!

So tell me Dear Reader, are you eating hot cross buns yet?

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