Top 5 Cream Buns!

Top 5 Cream Buns

I like cream buns and I cannot lie! Cream buns and freshly baked bread is one of the biggest pleasures in life. And if you're in need of some leisurely time spent pottering in the kitchen try your hand at these delicious top 5 cream bun recipes from Maritozzi, Pineapple Buns, Honey Cream Buns, Swedish Semlar Buns and Tipsy Cake!

1 - Maritozzi Cream Buns

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Top 5 Cream Buns

These maritozzi are something special. From the Lazio region of Italy it is soft and light brioche style bun is filled with sweetened whipped vanilla cream!

2 - Pineapple Buns

Top 5 Cream Buns

NGL I am SO proud of this pineapple bun recipe. For starters they're so soft with a crunchy sugar crust but I also fill these with pineapple jam (because pineapple buns traditionally don't contain any pineapple despite the name) and whipped cream as an alternative to the slice of butter!

3 - Honey Cream Buns

Top 5 Cream Buns

I love honey flavoured anything and these honey cream buns are shaped like a beehive. The soft bun is brushed with sweet honey butter while inside is a cream and honey stuffing for the softest honey cream bun!

4 - Swedish Semlar Buns

Top 5 Cream Buns

These Swedish Semlar buns come out on Fat Tuesday and even though that date has passed there's no reason not to make these simple but delicious buns! A cardamom scented bun is filled with jam and billowy clouds of whipped cream before a final dusting of icing sugar!

5 - Tipsy Cake

Top 5 Cream Buns

This is an easy at-home version of Heston's famous Tipsy Cake. These buns have cream not on the inside but poured over the warm, sugar crusted buns. The brioche buns are so soft and light and the cream is spiked with vanilla and sauternes (or in my case, Canadian ice wine!).

So tell me Dear Reader, which buns takes your fancy?

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