Top 5 Creative Ways With Toast!

Top 5 Creative Ways With Toast

Toast is an underrated treat and there's no more delicious but simple way to avoid wastage than the humble slice of toast. Make toast fun and delicious with these 5 ways to serve toast from a sweet strawberry tartine, the classic smashed avo with feta and corn, everyone's favourite prawn toast, a fancy but easy bone marrow toast and of course the Sizzler cheese toast!

1 - Peanut Butter Strawberry Toast

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Top 5 Creative Ways With Toast

I'm starting the list with a delicious way to easily make your breakfast that much more extra but with just a minimal effort. This peanut butter and strawberry tartine with basil makes use of the strawberries that are in season at the moment. Sub the peanut butter for Nutella for another spin!

2 - Smashed Avocado Toast With Feta & Roasted Chilli Sweetcorn

Top 5 Creative Ways With Toast

Everyone loves smashed avo toast and with avocadoes being so easily available all the time now there's no reason why you can't have it every day. But on weekend try this fancied up version with feta and roasted chilli corn!

3 - Prawn Toast

Top 5 Creative Ways With Toast

Prawn toast is a must order at yum cha but did you know that it's so easy to make at home too? And it uses up any leftover white bread you may have in the tastiest way!

4 - Bone Marrow Toast

Top 5 Creative Ways With Toast

Toast is usually a breakfast or lunch thing but bone marrow toast takes your toast game to epic dinner levels! Roasted bone marrow is so easy to make at home - it's not just a restaurant treat!

5 - Sizzler Cheese Toast

Top 5 Creative Ways With Toast

OK I had to add the Sizzler cheese toast in there because you guys LOVE my copycat recipe. And since Sizzler has closed down here you can relive those Sizzler memories!

So tell me Dear Reader, which way to serve toast would you pick first?

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