Top 5 Frugal Recipes for Winter!

Top 5 Frugal Recipes for Winter

Are you looking for a delicious, money saving recipe to warm you up this winter? I've got a whole section on frugal recipes and here are the top 5 frugal recipes! There's delicious Southern Chicken N Dumplings, an umami Fish Bone Pasta (don't throw away the prawn heads and shells!), an Egyptian Lentil Soup, a rice bowl using a cheap cut of Salmon Belly and a classic Italian Cucina Povera stew!

1 - Chicken 'N' Dumplings

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Top 5 Frugal Recipes for Winter

I have to say that I became totally obsessed with these Southern chicken 'n' dumplings. I know it looks like a study in creams but it is such a wonderful comforting dish. A whole chicken or chicken pieces are cooked until soft, the meat shredded and then dumplings are then poached in the chicken broth. This makes enough to feed a crowd and I promise the first time you make this won't be your last.

2 - Fish Bone Pasta

Top 5 Frugal Recipes for Winter

While this may not sound that appealing from the name itself I promise if you love seafood pasta you will love this fish bone pasta. To make the sauce we roast fish bones, fish heads and prawn heads to get all of that delicious flavour out and then simmer it to make a rich stock perfect for serving with pasta!

3 - Egyptian Lentil Soup

Top 5 Frugal Recipes for Winter

I don't know about you but I love eating vegetarian lunches and this is the perfect winter lunchtime meal. Pair it with bread or just have it alone. Chances are you have the ingredients for this in your pantry already!

4 - Salmon Belly Bowl

Top 5 Frugal Recipes for Winter

This salmon belly recipe went a bit unexpectedly wild and I think it's because it is so damn tasty. It uses up a cheap cut of salmon belly and it cooks so all of the fat renders down and seasons the rice underneath it!

5 - Pasta e Fagioli

Top 5 Frugal Recipes for Winter

Pasta e Fagioli is one of the most delicious Cucina Povera (poor kitchen) recipes and came about to use the dregs from the pasta packets and leftovers and features pasta, beans, legumes and vegetables. While the beans are the hero, Pasta e Fagioli also uses ingredients like the rinds of reggiano cheese and the skins from smoked pig's trotters or pancetta to form an absolutely delicious meal. You can also use dried beans soaked and then boiled or tinned beans if you're in a hurry!

So tell me Dear Reader, do you have a frugal recipe you like to make in Winter? Which one from the above would you pick?

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