Top 5 Healthy Soups!

Top 5 Healthy Soups

Sometime there's a time for hearty soups and sometimes there's a time for healthy ones. These top 5 healthy soups are bursting with flavour and won't have you sacrificing taste for goodness!

1 - Egyptian Lentil Soup

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Top 5 Healthy Soups

This is one of the most popular soup recipes on the blog. This Egyptian Lentil Soup is both soothing and comforting. This thick lentil soup is rich in aromatic spices that are made for dipping some charred, crusty, fresh bread into!

2 - Healthy Sweet Potato Borscht

Top 5 Healthy Soups

This is seriously one of my favourite recipes that came about by accident. This borscht or beetroot soup is given a wonderful, natural sweetness from sweet potato and it's full of chunky vegetables!

3 - Easy Tortilla Soup

Top 5 Healthy Soups

Have leftover tortillas? Turn them into the tastiest soup! This chicken soup and tomato based soup has pieces of shredded chicken, cubes of avocado and beans or corn in it plus we bake the tortilla strips rather than deep fry them!

4 - White Bean Chilled Yogurt & Cucumber Soup

Top 5 Healthy Soups

This soup is for you lucky people in the Northern Hemisphere who are enjoying summer and for whom the idea of a hot soup is ridiculous! This is a beautiful, simple and elegant chilled white bean, yogurt and cucumber soup that takes 5 minutes to make!

5 - Roasted Artichoke Soup

Top 5 Healthy Soups

This hearty soup is full of artichoke and leeks that are roasted to bring out the natural sweetness. There's a splash of brandy and a little thyme much like its cousin, French onion soup!

So tell me Dear Reader, which soup do you like the sound of the best? Have you tried any of them?

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