Top 5 Strawberry Cake Recipes!

Top 5 Strawberry Cake Recipes

Strawberries are abundant and in season at the moment and celebrate with these 5 strawberry cakes! There is an easy strawberry cake that requires just 15 minutes and no oven. On the other end and in between there is a spectacular, show stopping strawberry Pocky cake, a strawberry white chocolate mud cake, Elvis's strawberry cake and a strawberry meringue layer cake too!

1 - Strawberry Pocky Cake

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Top 5 Strawberry Cake Recipes

I started with a real beauty. This strawberry Pocky Cake is a double layered, light as air Japanese cheesecake filled with a thick layer of strawberries and whipped cream. Surrounding it is a sweet boundary of strawberry chocolate coated Pocky sticks and in the centre is a tumble of fresh strawberries!

2 - 15 Minute Strawberry Chocolate Icebox Cake

Top 5 Strawberry Cake Recipes

Only have 15 minutes to make a cake and no oven? I've got you! This 15 minute strawberry ice box cake has a lush, fresh strawberry cream and chocolate biscuits. All you have to do is put it in the fridge!

3 - Elvis Presley's Strawberry Cake

Top 5 Strawberry Cake Recipes

Elvis's favourite recipe for strawberry cake was the inspiration for this strawberry layer cake. I adapted it to create my own recipe which uses fresh strawberries in the cake itself and in decorating!

4 - Strawberry White Chocolate Mud Cake

Top 5 Strawberry Cake Recipes

This strawberry white chocolate mud cake is a moist, rich white chocolate and vanilla mud cake layered with tangy strawberry and lemon buttercream, jam and fresh strawberries!

5 - Strawberry Meringue Layer Cake

Top 5 Strawberry Cake Recipes

This strawberry meringue layer cake is handy if you have an excess of both strawberries and egg whites! Meringue cake is sandwiched together with fresh cream and strawberries!

So tell me Dear Reader, do you have a favourite strawberry cake? Which cake takes your fancy?

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